Wild Postings
Eye-catching wild postings will help build brand awareness and drive traffic to our digital content. #LoLo
Instagram Sexplanations
To further promote "the pill" and position the brand as a trusted sex partner, LoLo will answer the top 10 most googled sex questions and debunk contraception myths via their Instagram account.
Instagram Sexplanations
In women's bathrooms on college campuses and in nearby bars, girls can get free, branded condoms, so they're prepared for whatever their night has in store.
Each condom will also drive to the brand website, where ladies can learn about benefits of taking LoLo and how to get a prescription.
LoLo Snapchat Series
On Snapchat, LoLo will host a mini-series on the Explore page. During the show, hosts will answer user generated questions, take polls and share their sexual misadventures made possible with “the pill”.
Not Pregnant Parties
Once a month, LoLo will host a series of, “Not Pregnant Parties” where ladies interested in "the pill" can enjoy some of the perks of not being pregnant.
Party themes can range from boozy brunches and sushi tastings to amusement park meet-ups and coffee dates.
During these events, ladies can talk to doctors and sexperts about the benefits of taking LoLo vs other forms of contraception. 

Popping "the pill" Case
With their first prescription, LoLo ladies will be given a branded, brightly colored, pill case.
By encouraging women to flaunt the fact they're on birth control, LoLo can de-stigmatize taking contraception in public.

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